Belgrade, Serbia

35 sq.m.



Chief Architect: Kristina Koivistoinen-Khatlamadzhiian

Chief Architect: Marina Rudneva

Junior Architect: Katarina Dragojlovič

«Stories» is a place about people and their special stories. Food and cities and countries may change, but stories always move with the bearers of legends. Over the past year, there have been many truly serious disasters in the world, people are faced with destruction and rebuilding, and this is what we want to reflect in this interior


In the course of history, cities, and countries are destroyed, and we must not forget about the mistakes of the past that led to this. Through creation comes restoration for a certain period. Then these processes will change again and again. This is our life, which includes a million stories


In the project, we adopted a cold beige colour as the main background for the entire space, because when the building collapses, the colour of the sand remains on the surface. Walls, ceiling, and furniture elements are painted in this colour. The main component of the space is the bar behind which the bar area is located. The rack walls are built from building blocks layered on each other, after which part of the wall was cut according to our sketch. The final element was the destruction of this wall with the help of special devices, which we also did ourselves


The lamps in the bar area have a spherical glass shape, inside there is a large light bulb with a warm light. It is a symbol of creation over destruction. The lighting throughout the hall is dimmable and the lighting scenario may vary depending on the time of day and event. The lamps in the hall are located above the tables according to their scheme, but they are not tied to the tables, which means that the tables can be moved relative to groups of people


Furniture in the interior is made of different textures and colours of wood, since after the destruction there is never a perfectly assembled interior, we often have to borrow furniture and things from other people or help to furnish new or destroyed housing ourselves. The sofa, as the final element of the space, is at the dead end of the space and closes the landing