Siesta Shopping Mall


Moscow, Russia



MAD Architects + FREYA Architects
Chief architect: Kristina Koivistoinen-Khatlamadzhiian
Architect: Ekaterina Denisova
Visualizer: Anton Nasekin

The landscaping of the shopping centre was carried out jointly with the interior design. The general concept of the project: an island in the Balearic Sea. The area has a central composition and fits into the triangle of pedestrian space. On the square, there is a reservoir around which radial benches and swings are installed. Swings and water - this is exactly the feeling that a person feels on a yacht in the Balearic Sea.

Master plan




The paving is made of several types of grey paving stones of different sizes. The layout is dynamic and divides the area into zones. The central zone is circular pavers around the water. The areas leading to the entrances are straight tiled with white line accents. White stripes are concentrated at the entrance and echo the vertical lights.