Chief Architect: Kristina Koivistoinen-Khatlamadzhiian

The entrance area in a residential apartment building is an essential part of a person's daily journey. An entrance is a buffer zone between a street with an urban environment and your cosy home. Entering the building, a person should already feel at home, in his space, in safe.

In this project, the architecture of the house and its landscaping are made of grey and white materials and have rather rigid graphics and contrasts. Therefore, we consider the entrance design as a space that should be both cosy and urban


Having carried out a territorial analysis of the place, quarter and district, we found that industrial organizations are historically located in this area of Moscow. The brick factory, which was founded in 1928 and is still functioning, became interesting for us. Our main inspiration was brick - terracotta, a warm material from which people usually build their houses. The feeling of "home" formed the basis of the concept for the entrances of the residential complex


This is how terracotta-coloured clinker tiles appear on the walls, two terracotta blocks in the left and right parts of the long entrance harmonize the space into a visual square. The lobby and waiting area are located by the window in the terracotta part, we designed unique benches for this project in different forms, and they can be used at every entrance. In the centre there is an important functional area of elevators, this is the transit part of the lobby, so here we placed a compartment with mailboxes. We designed the mailboxes individually for the project, swapping out the standard horizontal doors for vertical ones to support the vertical brickwork on the walls


The stroller and typical floors are made in more neutral colours, but with the introduction of terracotta accents. The doors to the apartments in the project are also in warm brick colour to connect the entire complex with the lobby