London, England

240 sq.m.



Chief Architect: Kristina Koivistoinen-Khatlamadzhiian

Visualizer: Angelica Chernenko

The office space project for the company involves reconstruction. We received the layout "before" and the customer’s problems. We have created a new structure with these problems in mind.

The main emphasis is on transformable space and building a community inside the office. The core in the centre of the structure has three main functions: a kitchen-dining room, a cinema hall, and a transformable space.

The kitchen in the centre has a yellow island with built-in microwaves, planted around like a cafe. People will meet at the yellow island, he makes them communicate and start a conversation, and they will most likely have lunch together and establish personal contact. According to numerous studies, personal touch within the team brings tangible benefits to the business


The cinema hall has an amphitheatre and a projector, here you can hold lectures or present projects and ideas, but it can also be combined with a kitchen and have one event space


In the transformable space, the entire area is divided by curtains into small cells, these cells can be combined or divided. On the right side of the wall, there are coffee points with a tap and a minimum set of snacks for long negotiations.

Talking and telephone booths are built around the core, and the upper part of the core wall along the perimeter has tape glazing, so natural light gets there. Open spaces are divided by teams and are also zoned with acoustic curtains


The office can be walked in a circle, there are no dead-end corridors, and it is a completely flowing space. The symbol of this path is a curvilinear lamp that leads the visitor from beginning to end