Garage Screen Competition


Collaboration Victoria Misha x FREYA Architects

Shortlist Top 20


Architect: Kristina Koivistoinen-Khatlamadzhiian
Anthropologist, architect: Viktoria Misha
Cinematographer, director: Oleg Trofim
AR creator, producer: Eugeny Mandelshtam 

The concept of the summer pavilion for the competition Garage Screen was included in the short-list of the competition. Out of more than 180 applications, 20 were selected. The application for the competition was submitted in the form of a video, which fully reflected our idea of ​​the project.


Today, through architecture and public spaces, we can enter into a dialogue with society. Therefore, in our project, we want to talk about several global issues.

The term “temporality” is a condition of the competition for the design of a seasonal pavilion. At the same time, “temporality” is a global tool for the creation and life of a consumer society. Architectural structures were the few that served the society for years, centuries. We want to show how a temporary architecture that will be forgotten in a year can be reborn into a new form. To become a new useful item in the material world. To be captured not only in the photo. Recycle the pavilion of the cinema Garage into furniture, decorations, decoration elements, into any item. At the same time, it is important to preserve the identity of the cinema, then someone will be able to say “my ring was a cinema”.


2020 brought to many a feeling of impermanence, illusory nature of what is happening. Today it is necessary to learn to accept the volatility of the world. Due to the rigidity of thinking, it was hard for many to get through this time, but most likely humanity needs to become flexible. The temporality of modernity is a new feature. Temporality is part of the present. Through architecture, which is not static and changeable, unlike traditional structures, we can show society that it is normal to change, it is not planned to change and under the influence of some circumstances from the outside, this is also normal.


Incomprehensibility, ambiguity, confusion - this naturally follows from the two previous problems. We lack awareness, we lack dialogue, both social and personal, not everyone is even ready for it. Open dialogue is clean, environmentally friendly communication, the participants of which are ready to listen and accept each other as they are, and find solutions together. How can you show dialogue and the need for communication and openness through an architectural structure?


The integration of interactive elements, the collection of data and their broadcast on the facade, for example: by showing the fullness of the hall or other data related to the pandemic situation, we can give a person the necessary information to make certain decisions, thereby entering into a direct dialogue with the person. He will be able to say the same as about Alice, “Garage Screen told me ...” (Garage Screen like some hero with a first and last name)

Transparency in architectural solutions: plastic used for recycling - transparent or translucent with a shade; the absence of rigid walls - as a principle of openness and accessibility; transparency gives clarity, so new meanings can be born that are necessary for a new time.


Taken together, these three principles are our manifesto to society through the architecture of the cinema pavilion. Figuratively, this building is in dialogue with both society and the environment and with the main building of the Garage Museum. We want to create not only a place for watching films but also the space around - as a point of attraction in the context of the park and the city. This building is our new friend. He will give advice, show a film, teach responsible consumption and inspire an open dialogue with oneself and the world.